Categories - Organise Categories
Categories - Find Category

Organise Categories

This option will display the Organise Categories dialog box. The Category Tree will be displayed on the left and a number of buttons on the right allow manipulation of the categories.

Click this button when you have finished your manipulations.

Click this button to add a new category. The category will be added as a sub-category to the currently selected category in the tree, or to the root (lowest level) of the tree if that option is selected.

Click this button to delete the currently selected category. This will remove that category and any subcategories from any images in the database associated with it. This operation may take a little time, depending upon the size of your database, as all images are checked for the deleted categories and subcategories.

Pick Up and Drop (moving a category)
Use these two buttons to move an existing category to a new location in the tree. Select the category to be moved and click 'Pick Up'. Now select the destination category and click 'Drop' the category will be moved to be a sub-category of the destination category. To move a category to the root of the tree use the 'Move To Root' button below. Due to the complexities of adding new parents to all images affected by the move this operation may take a little time, depending upon the size of your database.

Move to Root
Click this button to move the selected category to the root (lowest level) of the tree.

Click this button to edit the properties of the category. The four properties are the Name, Caption, and Description and Web Page Generation. The Name is the name displayed in the category tree display. The caption and description are used by the Web generation features. The web page generation check box determines whether a web page should be generated for this category. For example you may have a category Location with numerous specific location categories nested underneath it. It would be a little silly to have a thumbnail page for the location category since this would probably include virtually every image on your site. Uncheck this box and no pages will be generated but it will still appear in the category listings on the web pages it just won't be a hyper link.

Find Category

This option allows a category name to be entered and the category tree will be searched for matches. Any matches will be expanded so they are visible and optionally may be checked.

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