Categories - Edit Search Criterion

The range of images that will be displayed is primarily controlled by the using the category tree in the left hand pane. However this can be further narrowed by use of these search criterion which can reduce the range of images that will be tested for categories. There are three forms of criterion; a date range, folder and keywords. The date range and keyword search will only include images if they have appropriate values entered in their image properties. Both the from and to dates can have their fields set to zero, but see below for the different meanings. The fields can be cleared manually but buttons have been provided for convenience.

Note: in all cases you must still use the categories. If no categories are selected no images will be displayed.
However if you just want to use the search criterion and ignore categories. For example if you wish to search based on keywords alone. Then simply set up your search criterion and then select Categories - Invert Category Selection from the main menu, with no categories at all selected.. 

Date Range
A date range can be specified with the from and to dates. These dates specify an inclusive range ie all images from the start of the from date up to and including the end date will be included. For example if the from date has a year of 2002 and month of 9 with the day set to 0 and the to date has a year of 2002 with both the day and month dates set to 0, then all images from the beginning of September 2002 up to the end of 2002 will be included.

The meaning of zero values in the date fields

From Date
Year - literally year zero!
Month - From the beginning of the year (ie January)
Day - From the beginning of the month (ie the 1st)

To Date
Year - Up to and including the current year
Month - Up to the end of the specified year (ie 31st December)
Day - Up to the end of the specified month
So all three fields set to zero means the 31st of December of the current year.

Folder Search
The Folder Organisation dialog will be displayed. Select a folder to view and only images from that folder will now be included for the category selection..

Keyword Search
You can enter one or more words to search for in the Index, Caption,  Description or "Any Fields" fields. Any image that has any of the words in the appropriate field will be included for the category selection. If you want to search for multiple words (phrases) that must appear together then place them in quotes. So big man in the caption field would search for any images with either big or man (or both) appearing in the caption field. Whereas "big man" would search for any images with the phrase big man in the caption field .

Note: the search criterion can be inactivated without losing your current search criterion using Categories - Search Criterion. In this case no search filtering is done and all images will be displayed (depending upon the category selection).


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