Categories - Copy Categories to Template

Categories - Paste Categories to Images

Categories - Append Categories to Images

Categories - Edit Category Template

The Category Template is simply a set of categories that can be edited, copied to and then pasted or appended to a selection of images.

Copy Categories to Template
Copies the categories of the selected image to the category template.

Paste Categories to Images
Completely overwrites the categories of all the selected images with the categories stored in the category template. Any categories that were present in the selected images that are not in the category template are lost.

Append Categories to Images
Appends (adds) the categories in the category template to the categories in the selected images. Nothing is lost from the categories of the selected images they are only added to.

Edit Category Template
Edit the categories in the category template in much the same way as setting the categories in Image Properties. Use the category tree to check those categories that are to be associated with the template. Multiple categories may be checked and new categories added or deleted using the 'Add' and 'Del' buttons. In order to associate additional categories first ensure all categories are being shown if not click the Show All button. Clicking it again will return to only displaying those categories currently associated.


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