Creating a Web Site

One important feature of ImageDB is the ability to automatically generate the necessary HTML files for a web site gallery of your images. The appearance of this web site is largely controlled by you using template HTML files that can be either written in raw HTML or using a specialised HTML editor. Alternatively the default template files provided with ImageDB can be used. These web sites can then either be uploaded to the internet or they may be placed on some storage medium (such as a CD) to provide a local collection of your images that can be browsed using a normal web browser.

The web site can be generated from either the entire database or from the active named collection. The latter being probably the more useful as it is likely that any web sites will be sub-set of your entire image collection. You may in fact have several different web sites each generated from a different named collection.

Note that due to the different way that HTML works as compared to the ImageDB category tree, it may be worth having a somewhat reorganised category tree for your web generation. For example you may have a category named Expeditions in one part of your tree and in another, possibly under something like Travel, other categories such as Nepal, Peru etc. Within ImageDB you can then easily view images of your expedition to Nepal by selecting both Nepal and Expeditions. However, in the web site, viewers will only be able to select one category at a time so you may choose to have Nepal as a sub-category of Expeditions for the web site. To do this simply export the named collection to a new database and reorganise the tree as appropriate; typically using Categories - Organise and Categories - Add/Remove Categories to/from images. For example in this case, having first exported the web site database, you would need four simple steps

  1.  Categories - Organise to add a new Nepal sub-category under Expeditions.
  2. Select Expeditions and the original Nepal categories in the category tree pane to view all the Nepal expedition images.
  3. Edit - Select All to select all these images.
  4. Finally use Categories - Add/Remove Categories to/from images to add the new Nepal category to all the selected images.

The Web Site HTML files
The Web Generation Commands


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