Edit - EXIF Data

IMPORTANT: all actions in the EXIF dialog box are immediate there is no cancel action available.

General Note

There is a very large amount of data typically contained in the EXIF header and not all of it is going to be of interest to all users. The EXIF data consists of a collection of "tags" containing data about the camera and the image and is split up into three main sections:

  1. Main - general information - some manufacturers provide their own tags instead of some of these in their own section (see 3).
  2. Sub - additional general information. As with the main section some manufacturers provide their own tags instead of some of these in their own section (see 3).
  3. Manufacturer - manufacturer information. Each manufacturer can supply their own "Maker Notes". Obviously these are different for each manufacturer and sometimes different for different ranges of models from one manufacturer. The great problem here is that this data can be quite hard to come by and difficult to keep up to date (new tags added for new models). Currently supported cameras include - Canon, Olympus, Nikon and Fujifilm. I hope to add more as I get hold of the data.

To try and make viewing of this data easy the EXIF dialog is split into five tabs; one for each of the sections described above,  one for Favourites and one for Filter. Tags from the main, sub and manufacturer sections can be added into either the Favourites or the Filter sections (see below).

The EXIF Dialog Box

This dialog provides access to view all the EXIF data for a single image or, if multiple images have been selected, it shows only the Tags available in all the selected images. Those tags that are not available in all selected images will have square brackets around them [name]. If viewing data for a single image only, this dialog can be used simply to view the EXIF data for that image. If viewing EXIF data for a selection of images the tag values cannot be viewed but you can still do organisation tasks and batch copying data for all selected images.

Filter Section

Tags placed in the filter section will not be displayed in the main, sub or manufacturer sections, leaving only the data that you want to see. They can easily be removed from the filter section at a later date bringing them back into their normal viewing section. Some standard main and sub tags that are unlikely to be of interest have already been placed in the Filter. Tags added to the Filter will only be filtered when the EXIF dialog is next opened.

Favourites Section

The idea is to place all the tags that you are most interested in into the Favourites section. This is the first section that is displayed and its values can also be copied into the ImageDB image properties. Some standard main and sub tags that are likely to be of interest have already been placed in the Favourites by default, you can of course add or remove more tags. Tags in the Favourites section can also be moved up and down using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons.

Copying Data

Individual tags can be selected to be copied from the Favourites section into the ImageDB properties. Use the shift buttons labeled with ">>" to place a tag into the appropriate field copy boxes. The date, time, media name, media type, originator and caption fields can only have one tag selected each and when a copy is executed they will overwrite anything that is already in those fields. The tag for any one field can be cleared with the appropriate clear button. A cleared field will be ignored and will not overwrite the corresponding image property. The description field can have multiple tags selected and on copying, each one's value will be appended to whatever is already in the description field (if anything). Each tag will be placed on a new line. This copy action is immediate and cannot be undone. If multiple images were selected the copy will be a batch copy and will be performed for each image in the selection. If any images in the selection do not have EXIF data available no copy will be done to these images.

Current Known Problems and Call for Help!

Getting the manufacturer specific EXIF data is a major problem - they typically simply do not publish it. Currently I have been unable to get data for a number of manufacturers.:

I have data for:

I do not have data for:

If anyone knows where I can get data for these manufacturers I'd appreciate it if you could let me know :) Note the general (main and sub) tags are available for all manufacturers and it may be that some of the above simply do not use the Maker Notes (manufacturer specific stuff).

I have a problem with the camera serial number on Canon. I hope to have this fixed for the next release. - Still not resolved this one if anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated.

In general if you find any of your camera EXIF settings display just a number rather than the expected descriptive text - could you please email me with the field name, the number and what it should be displaying and I will add that mode to the code.


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