Edit - Transform

Note: for all transformations - currently ImageDB can only save images in the following formats: Windows Bitmap, PNG, JPEG and TIFF. If your image file is not currently in one of these formats the changes cannot be saved in the original format.

If the transformation is performed when viewing an image full size, before leaving the full size view you will be given the option to save your changes. If the transformation is being performed on a selection of images all transformations will be done immediately to the image files and can not be undone. If any of the selected images cannot be saved (see above) you will be given the option to continue or cancel. If you continue the images that cannot be saved will not be transformed and will be listed in an Error Log.

Note: all transformations will preserve EXIF data if present.

Note: whilst some transformations are themselves lossless (flipping and rotating) if done on a JPEG image the process of decoding and re-encoding the data will change the data and probably be lossy. If this is a problem then you could set the JPEG default save quality higher to minimise it.

Flip Horizontal

Transform the image into a horizontal mirror image of itself.

Flip Vertical

Transform the image into a vertical mirror image of itself.


The behaviour of the resize feature is a little different when resizing a single image that is being viewed full size or a selection of images (in a thumbnail view). The differences are detailed below. When the resize transformation is selected an Image Resize dialog will appear:

In Absolute mode the image will be resized to the exact dimensions provided. This may produce distortions if the new dimensions do not match the proportions of the original and should be used on selections with some caution.

Resizing whilst viewing a full size image
- as you enter either a width or a height the opposite dimension will be automatically recalculated with the same proportion as the original.

Resizing whilst viewing thumbnails (resizing a selection) - the dimensions that you enter will be used as maximums and the image grown or shrunk proportionally to just fit into those maximum dimensions.

Shrink or Grow
This option is only available when resizing a selection of images. If Make Smaller Only is selected then any images in the selection that are already smaller than the specified dimensions will not be resized (grown). If Make Larger Only is selected then any images in the selection that are already larger than the specified dimensions will not be resized (shrunk). If Both is selected then images will be grown or shrunk as appropriate.

Resize Method
Choose the desired algorithm for resizing. The Gaussian and Hamming algorithms both require a radius to be specified. Too large a number will produce a "fuzzy" result and too small a number will result in "blocking" with the resized image resembling a chequer board. Values that generally work well are in the range 0.5 - 0.7. But it does depend on the size of image. Best to experiment first on a full size image and then you can choose to not save the result.


Rotation is provided. You can rotate the image either 90 degrees clockwise (CW), 90 degrees counter clockwise (CCW) or 180 degrees (180).

More transformations may be added as and when I can find the time. However please note that ImageDB will never attempt to be a full image editing program. There are plenty of those out there already. These transformations are only provided for quick convenience.


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