File - Printing

Printing  follows the normal Windows Printing model.
What will be printed depends on your current display mode.

Viewing an Image Full Size

If you select printing when viewing an image full size, the image will be zoomed in or out to fit the page size, you should choose manually whether to print portrait or landscape.

Viewing Thumbnails

When viewing thumbnails these thumbnails can be printed as "contact sheets". They can be printed in portrait or landscape mode. If viewing data with the thumbnails as much as possible of the image property data will be printed alongside the image. The space available for this data is determined by the current thumbnail display dimensions specified in View - Options. It is worth considering printing in landscape in this case as it is likely that only a single column will be able to fit on the page in portrait mode.

Viewing the Active Collection Listing

When viewing the Active Named Collection Listing the listing will be printed in columns of 50 rows as it appears on the screen. Active Collection Listings can only be printed in portrait mode.


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