How do I add a category to a large selection of images?

There are two methods of quickly and easily adding the same categories to a large number of images:

Method 1: Select the desired images and then click Categories - Add/Remove Categories to/from images. In the dialog that follows, the left pane shows the current categories available and the right pane shows those categories that are present in all selected images. Simply select a categories in the left pane and click the add button to add them to all the selected images. This dialog can also be used to remove categories from all the selected images. See Categories - Add/Remove Categories to/from images for more details.

Method 2. Categories can also be added (but not removed) by selecting the images and dragging them over the desired category. After dragging a selection over a category, the selection will remain active allowing the same selection to be quickly and easily dragged to more additional categories. However note that if the added category results in the selected images no longer being displayed (for example if you are displaying all images without category "X" then add category "X" to a selection, these images will no longer be displayed), then the active selection will now be different images.


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