How do I copy all categories in one database to a new database?

To copy all categories in a database to a new database. First create a new (temporary) empty named collection then export the empty named collection to the new database:

Creating a new named collection

  1. Go to Collections - New and enter a name for a new collection.
  2. Click OK and the new collection has been created. Do not put any images into this collection unless you want them exported to the new database as well.
  3. This temporary collection can later be deleted.

Exporting the Temporary Collection

  1. Make your new collection the Active Collection
  2. Go to Collection - Export Active Collection
  3. Select New Database, or Merge if you have already started your new database
  4. Browse to the location for the new database and enter a name for it (or browse to an existing one)
  5. Select Copy all current Database Categories
  6. Click OK

As there are no images in your collection no images will be copied to the new database. However as you have selected Copy all current database
, the entire set of categories will be exported to the new database. If you now open this database it will have a full set of categories but no images.


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