How do I move images to a CD

A common desire is to archive your images onto a CD. ImageDB cannot do the actual CD burning - you will need your normal CD burning software for that part of the process. However their is stuff that should be done for ImageDB to continue to access the images transferred to CD.

  1. First of all the images to be transferred must be in their own folder or folder tree. If this is not already the case then you will need to move them to a distinct location using Images - Move/Copy Images (you should use Move).
  2. Select Edit - Folder Organisation to enter the folder organisation dialog.
  3. Select the folder containing the images to be copied and click Unmount. It is best to choose to create a mount file as it will make later location easier. Click OK. These images are now unmounted and their folder is shown with the mount name in {} with its icon in a "box". The images will no longer be displayed under normal circumstances (you can select Categories - Include Unmounted to view them and edit their properties, but the actual images will not be displayed).
  4. It is now safe to burn the images to the CD (using the same folder structure) and delete the originals. All your categorisation data is safely stored in the database - no information is stored with the actual image files.
  5. When you want to view the images again simply insert the CD. Select Edit - Folder Organisation, select the mount folder and click Mount and navigate to their new location on the CD. You will be able to do everything as normal except of course anything that modifies the actual image files (which are now read only).

The same process should be used for any removable media.

What if I have already moved the images to CD and ImageDB now can't find them

This is not a problem - you must simply "find" them again. This can be either done manually or using the auto-find feature. Then when you next remove the CD unmount it as described above.


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