How do I select images?

Selecting Single Images
Images are selected by (left) clicking on the thumbnail. The image selected can be changed by either clicking a different thumbnail or by using the arrow keys. Up and down moves the selection up and down the column of thumbnails stepping on to the previous or next column when the top or bottom is reached. Left and right moves the selection across the columns of thumbnails. Page Up and Page Down will move the selection by one screen right and left respectively. Home and End will select the first and last images respectively.

Selecting Multiple Sequential Images
Sequential images are selected by either clicking a thumbnail with the shift button held down and all images from the last selected one to the current one will be selected, or by using the arrow keys with the shift key held down.

Selecting Multiple Non-Sequential Images
Non-sequential images can be selected (and unselected) by clicking multiple thumbnails with the control key held down.


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