The Web Site HTML Files

Their are three different kinds of template file; the index template page of which there will only be one, a thumbnail template page which provides the actual links to the images, and an optional image template page which actually displays the images along with descriptions etc. These template pages can be generated in any way and comments inserted to control the ImageDB generated parts. These comments always begin with the keyword idb and are followed by a number of commands that are detailed in the command section. The general form of these comments is given below:

<!-- idb command [parameters] -->

The Index Template Page
There will only be one index template page which will be the entry point to the web site and will be called index.html. It will typically contain the title and general description of the web site and a full category tree with links to all sections. The provided index template file is called IndexTemplate.html.

The Thumbnail Template Page
One or more thumbnail template pages will be generated for each category. Tables of thumbnails are produced whose dimensions are specified by the user. If there are too many thumbnails to fit in this table multiple pages will be generated for that category. There are many other commands available to provide other information and links. The provided thumbnail template file is called ThumbnailTemplate.html.

The Image Template Page
This page is optional but if used there will be one image page for every thumbnail link in the thumbnail pages. If you have a large number of images each of which typically has multiple categories associated with it then a very large number of these image pages may be produced. Alternatively this option can be switched off in the Web Properties dialog in which case there will be no image HTML files produced and clicking a thumbnail will now simply display the image in the browser on its own (typically just on a white background). The provided image template file is called ImageTemplate.html.


Note that the provided template files use three (somewhat crude) arrow GIF images (largely to demonstrate how to include such things into link idb commands). If you use these files as is then you will also need to ensure that these images are copied to the web folder of your web site. The three files are called leftarrow.gif, rightarrow.gif and uparrow.gif.


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