Image - Manage Image Fields

Select this option to bring up the Image Field Manager dialog. The Image fields (see also Editing Image Properties) are all the image properties (other than categories) There are a number of fixed fields; index, extension, location, ID, date, time, caption and description. These fields will always be present and each has its own area in the Image Properties dialog. In addition to this you can also define your own fields using this dialog. By default there are three fields already defined; media name, media type and originator. You can remove these if you wish and/or replace them with your own.

Editing an existing field
Select a field and click Edit to change the field name. Only the field name can be changed not its type as this would require "converting" the existing data which may not be possible.

Removing a field
Select a field and click Remove That field will be removed from the database. Note when you click OK all stored data for that field will be permanently removed from all images in the database.

Adding a new field
Click New to add a new field. You must provide a name for the field and select a field type. The following field types are currently available:

The order in which your images are displayed is determined by these fields using the View - Sort Order menu option. When doing comparisons on fields the text fields are compared case insensitive alphabetically. Integers and Floating Points are compared numerically, Dates are Times are compared chronologically.

It is possible that more fields may be added later for example a Fraction field such as 1/250 however I have to figure out exactly how to handle this especially when it comes to sorting!


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