Image Properties

The image properties are the key to ImageDB. Each image has a set of properties associated with it. The most important being the categories. When editing image properties the left pane of the dialog box displays the same category tree that is seen in the main application left pane. Multiple categories can be associated with each image and new categories can be quickly and easily added (or old ones deleted) using the buttons. The image index is the image file name (without the file extension) this must be a unique name (wihin any one folder) and can be changed.

All the other fields are essentially optional. The date, caption and description can be used to help narrow down viewing selections. The date has been deliberately split up as you may wish to only specify the month or possibly just the year. In addition you can define your own fields adding as many additional fields as you want (see Manage Image Fields).

The caption and description are also used for web site generation.

To try and make the rather tedious task of setting these properties for a large number of images the assumption has been made that there are likely to be sequences of similar images that will share many of the same properties as each other. Therefore when editing an image's properties for the first time all these properties will by default be set to the same properties as the last image edited. Using this technique, much of the time you will only need to adjust one or two properties for each image as you work through from one to the next. There is also an option to add and remove multiple categories at once to and from many selected images all in one operation. See Categories - Add/Remove Categories to/from images. Categories can also be added (but not removed) by selecting the images and dragging them over the desired category. After dragging a selection over a category, the selection will remain active allowing the same selection to be quickly and easily dragged to more additional categories. However note that if the added category results in the selected images no longer being displayed (for example if you are displaying all images without category "X" then add category "X" to a selection, these images will no longer be displayed), then the active selection will now be different images.

If the Step option is checked then when you complete editing of this image's properties and click OK then the next image in the current display will be selected and the image properties dialog automatically reloaded with its details. This is convenient for editing a whole sequence of images. Note it will also work if the image is currently being viewed full screen. When you have completed the sequence of images you wish to edit simply clear the check box or, if you have gone one past the set of images you wish to edit simply click the the cancel button which will effectively clear the step mode.


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