Named Collections

What are they?

A named collection is simply a collection of images in your database that is assigned a name and is saved for future use. This allows the creation of slideshows, albums, selective exported databases, selective websites etc. For details of operations on named collections see the Collection Menu Options

Active Collection

There can be any number of named collections identified by their name and at any one time any one of these named collections can be made the current Active Collection. If View - Active Collection is selected then this is the collection that will be viewed. If images are added to the active collection they will be added to this current active collection.

Collection Listing

A listing of the active collection can be viewed which will display a text listing of the indices of the images of the active collection in columns of 50. This listing can be printed and is intended to make it easy to set up slide trays of transparencies for a slideshow.


If View - Play Slideshow is selected when viewing the active collection then the slideshow will cycle through the active collection.


Unlike the main database whose ordering of images is fixed, the order of the images in a named collection can be modified to suit your needs. This ordering allows the planning and creation of custom slideshows, either for display from ImageDB or printing out of a listing which can then be used to set up a slideshow of original transparencies.

There are a number of ways of moving images around in a named collection using the mouse and the arrow keys. The simplest method is simply to 'drag' the images to their new location with the mouse, but this is only practical if the new location is currently visible (not scrolled out of the current window). Alternatively the images can be 'picked up' and 'dropped'. This is done using either the Image - Pick Up and Image - Drop menu options or right clicking with the mouse. When 'picked up' the image surrounds will turn red. A destination is selected by clicking another image in the collection and 'dropping' the 'picked up' images will place them in front of the selected destination image. Alternatively having 'picked one image up', it can then be moved to its destination with the arrow keys and 'dropped' in the same way.

Note: there is one slight limitation to the drop process - you cannot drop an image after the last image. This is because the image is always dropped in front of the selected location. This is easy to work around simply drop the image in front of the last image then move the last image back one.

Exporting a Database

The images in an named collection can also be exported as a new database allowing smaller 'sub-databases' to be created possibly for distribution on a CD or maybe the creation of a web site of a sub-set of your images. Whilst this latter job can be done directly from the named collection, creating a subset database may be preferable as it will allow a different set of categories to be used for the web site. Using a possibly smaller set of categories will make the generated web site somewhat smaller.


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