Collection - Export Active Collection

With this option you can export the images in the Named Collection either to a new database that will be created or to be merged with an existing one. You can choose to only use the categories that appear within the current active collection or to copy all the database categories.

New database

Create a new database copied from the current one but containing only those images in the current active named collection

This option can be used to create a smaller 'subset database', possibly for distribution on a CD or maybe the creation of a web site of a sub-set of your images. Whilst this latter job can be done directly from the named collection, creating a subset database may be preferable as it will allow a different set of categories to be used for the web site. Using a possibly smaller set of categories will make the generated web site somewhat smaller.

Merge with existing database

Merge the images in the collection with an existing database. Select an existing database to merge the images with. If Add new root category associated with all merged images is selected then a new category will be created at the root of the destination database category tree using the name provided and all merged images will have this category associated with them. This helps to identify the merged images when later viewing that database and it can easily be deleted later.

Whilst the merge is being done you may be asked for four different kinds of confirmation. Adding a new field (see Manage Image Fields) that doesn't exist in the target database, adding a new category not found in the target database, overwriting the details of a duplicate category (caption, description, whether to generate web page), overwriting the image properties of a duplicate image. An Image is considered to be a duplicate if its index, file extension and location are all the same in both databases. For ease of use all of these confirmations provide "Yes To All" and "No To All" options.

Note: Any unmounted images in the collection will not be exported.


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