Tutorial 2 - Creating a Web Site

In this section of the tutorial you will learn how to create a web site from your image database.

  1. First you must create a new folder for the web site. You can place this wherever you wish, possibly as a sub folder under the folder you installed ImageDB in, or maybe in a "temp" folder somewhere else on your system.
  2. You must copy three simple GIF files used by the default templates into your new folder. These are very basic left, right and up arrows. The three files are called leftarrow.gif, rightarrow.gif and uparrow.gif and should be located in the ImageDB installation folder.
  3. Select Web - Properties from the main menu. The Web properties dialog will appear.
  4. Type in a title - you can use any title you want; something like Sample Database Web Site maybe.
  5. In the Local Website Location field either type in the full path name of your new web folder from 1. above or use the browse button (labeled "...") to navigate to it.
  6. You can enter a description if you wish or simply leave it blank.
  7. Ensure Generate Image Pages is checked.
  8. Navigate to each of the three default template files provided with ImageDB. They should be in the program installation folder which should be the initial folder that the browse buttons open at. The three required files are
  9. Click OK.
  10. Select Web - Generate Web Site, select "Full database" as the web source and click OK. A progress bar is displayed and when it finishes the web site is done! All the generated HTML files will have been created in your web folder along with one called index.htm which is the top level index file. Also copies will have been made of the images and thumbnails into two sub folders called images and thumbnails.
  11. To view the web site use Windows Explorer to navigate to your web folder. Find and double click the file index.htm. Notice just how many files have been created, but don't worry they are typically very small and take up a relatively small amount of space when compared to the actual image files themselves.

That's the end of this tutorial - have fun!

For more information on creating web sites and writing your own template files go here.


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