Tutorial 2 - Organising The Category Tree

In this section of the tutorial you will learn about organising the category tree. There are a number of different things that can done in the way of organising categories but in this tutorial we will just look at moving and deleting categories and adding a new category.

  1. Select Categories - Organise Categories from the main menu. You will see the category tree (without check boxes) in the left pane and a number of buttons. 
  2. First we will delete that Test category added in the previous step. Expand the necessary categories to get the Test category displayed, select it and click the Delete button. That category will be deleted and it will be removed from any images associated with it. That should only be one in our case!
  3. Next we will add a new category at the root.
  4. Click the Add button and type Favourites as your new category. Check the "Place at root" box and click ok. You will now see the new category added to the root of the tree. If you hit return before checking the "Place at root" box, not to worry, just select Favourites, wherever it is, and click the Move to Root button.
  5. Now we will move a category to a new location. We will move one of your earlier categories to the Favourites category. Although this will not really be an appropriate structure we will easily fix it later! 

  6. Select any one of your current categories, say Location and click the Pick Up button.

  7. Select Favourites and click the Drop button. You will now see the Location category has been moved to be a sub-category under Favourites . All images in the database associated with the Location category will have their associations adjusted accordingly.
  8. These changes are made immediately so there are no OK or Cancel buttons, simply click Done. You will see the changes have been made to the category tree.
  9. Go back into Categories - Organise Categories and, using exactly the same technique or the Move to root button if that is where you want it, put the Location category back again. Click Done.
  10. Now we are going to add the Favourites category to a number of images. Fortunately we do not have to edit each individual image to achieve this.
  11. Select Location and unselect all other categories. Again this would not normally be very useful as pretty much all the images in your database would be displayed. If you didn't associate many images with the Location category then just select any other category that gives you a reasonable number of images in the display.
  12. Select a number of the images to be your favourites, it doesn't matter how many but do select more than one. You can use the shift and control keys when clicking to select multiple images.
  13. Select Categories - Add/Remove Category to/from Images. In the dialog select Favourites in the left pane and click the Add button, you will see them added to the right pane, which shows only those categories common to all the selected images. Click OK.
  14. Now select the Favourites category and only your favourites will be displayed.

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For more information on Organising the category tree go here.


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