Tutorial 2 - Slideshows

In this section of the tutorial you will learn how to run a slideshow.

  1. Select one or more categories so that there are a number of images displayed.
  2. Select View - Options. In the Slideshow section of the ImageDB options dialog box set an appropriate slideshow interval - say 4 seconds. Also check the View full screen check box if it is not already checked and uncheck the Cycle continuously box. Click OK.
  3. Whilst playing the space bar will pause and continue the slideshow and the escape (Esc) key will stop it. Hitting the left arrow key will decrease the interval (speed it up) and the right arrow key will increase the interval (slow it down). This speed change will not be immediate but will take effect from the next slide displayed. Now either use the View - Play Slideshow or the button to play the slideshow. The slideshow will take over the full screen and step through of all the current images. You can experiment with the keys just mentioned.
  4. If it is still running stop the slideshow with the escape key. It will finish with the last image being viewed full size so click it to return to the thumbnail view.
  5. Now select just a few of the images in the display - say six - (Remember the shift and control keys can be used to make multiple selections) and run the slideshow again. This time you should see a slideshow of just your selected images.
  6. It would be useful to create selected slideshows that can be repeated. This can be done using Named Collections the topic of the next tutorial.

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