View - Sort Order

View - Re-Sort Images

Sort Order

This option opens the Sort Order dialog which allows you to control the order your images are displayed. A list of all current fields are displayed, both fixed and user defined (see Manage Image Fields). Select individual fields and move them up and down in the sort order using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Images will be compared based upon the first field in the list, if that field is the same they will then be compared based upon the second field in the list and so on until their relative position is determined. Tick the Reverse box to invert the comparison (not the field sort order). For example dates would normally be compared so that they begin with the oldest date progressing to the latest one. When reversed they would progress in the opposite direction from the latest to the oldest.

Re-Sort Images

It would be very inefficient to re-sort the entire database every time you edit an image's properties (it is always done first thing after loading the database to be safe, however see also View - Options). Also if you are editing the properties for a whole series of images it would become very confusing if they kept changing position after each one is edited. However after editing an image's properties if you have changed any of the information in its fields then it is very possible that it's current position will be incorrect. So after editing the properties of one or more images this option allows you to re-sort them to get them in the right order again.


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