Viewing Images

The first step in viewing images is to select the categories that you are interested in - see the Category Tree. Once you have some image thumbnails displayed you can simply double click the image to view it full size (the View - Selected Image menu option can also be used). Now the left and right arrow keys can be used to step on to the previous and next images. The thumbnail view is returned to by either clicking again or using the Escape key.

The View - Shrink to fit option controls how the image will be displayed if it is too big to fit in the current window. It will either be displayed full size with scroll bars or will be automatically shrunk to fit the window dimensions - this will have no effect on the stored image itself.

If the shrink to fit option has not been selected then the image can also be zoomed in and out with the View - Zoom in and out menu options. The image may also be zoomed using the up and down arrow keys.

Some limited image manipulations can also be performed when viewing an image.

When an image is being viewed full size it can also be printed. It will be expanded to fit the page dimensions (whilst retaining its correct proportions).

When viewing thumbnails, "contact sheets" of the thumbnail view can be printed and if you are viewing data with thumbnails the data will also be printed.


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