Web - Properties
Web - Generate Web Site

See Creating a Web Site for a full description of Web site generation.

Web - Properties

Selecting this option will display the Web Properties dialog.

Web Title
This title will be used on the main index page.

Local Web Site Location
This is the folder where all the generated HTML files and images will be placed. Note the images will be placed in two sub-folders called  images and thumbnails.

This description will be used on the main index page.

Generate Image Templates
If checked an html file will be generated for each image displayed which may contain things like a description, next and previous buttons etc. There will actually be one page for each link to an image from different thumbnail pages and therefore a large number of (small) files may be generated. With this option not checked no image HTML files will be generated and viewing an image within the web site will just display it on a blank white page, however it will result in a significantly smaller number of files being generated.

HTML template files
See Creating a Web Site for full details on these template HTML files.

Resize Images
Select to resize the main image when copying it to the website. Note: this will take much longer since each image will need to be loaded into memory to be resized.

Resize Properties
Click button to set the image resizing properties. See image resizing for details of these properties.

Web - Generate Web Site

Select this option to generate the web site HTML files. The option will be given to generate the web site from either the full database or from a named active collection. After this the web site will be generated which may take several minutes during which time a progress box will be displayed.

Controlling the order of images in the thumbnail pages
If you generate a website from a named collection the order the images will appear in the thumbnail page is the order they appear in the collection, if you generate it from the full database the order will be that of the database. The order of images in a named collection can be easily manipulated, however the order of images in the database is fixed by the image index. So if you are creating the website from the full database the trick is to create a named collection that contains the entire database. This is easily done:

  1. reate a new empty named collection with an appropriate name.
  2. In the database view mode select no categories and invert the selection, this will display all images in the database.
  3. Select Edit - Select All and all images are selected
  4. Select Collections - Add Images to Active Collection and all images in the database will be added to the collection.
  5. View the collection and move the images around as desired.


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