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LogAnalysis Features

Latest News    Version 1.05 now available.  Domain resolution now available...

Click the smaller images to see a larger screenshot.

Bar charts based on dates
View bar charts of hits or bytes on up to four items over a specified time interval More...

Item Bar Charts
View itemised bar charts relevant to your current summary view. So if you are viewing domains by file. Then each bar will represent the number of hits or bytes on one file from one referrer domain. More...

Summary Views
View summaries of counts of hits and bytes on almost any combination of file/referrer domain/IP address/error code etc.  More...

Custom Views
You can easily design your own views simply by creating a new view and sepcifying what columns you want and their order. So for example if you added a summary view displaying IP address and files then you would see a count of how many hits have been made on each page from each IP address. More...

Server log files typically have hundreds of thousands of records and some ability to filter these down to a manageable size is essential. LogAnalysis provides powerful filtering that allows you to easily include or exclude specific files, referrer domains or error codes. Single check boxes allow images to be excluded or just successful file accesses or pages to viewed.  More...

Detecting Abuse
One important function of a log analysis tool is to assist in detecting abuse of your site. Click the link to see a couple of examples of how LogAnalysis can be used to assist in this task.  More...

Analyse Visits
Not just a count of how many visits you have had. Select any individual record and view all pages accessed during that visit from the entry to the exit. Or add the entry referrer domain to a summary view and find out things like where accesses to a particular page originally came from. Assuming the access came as a result of navigating around your site then the normal referrer domain for that access will typically be your own domain so this would allow you to see where they originally came from. 

Analyse Search strings
View summaries of all entries to your site from search engines. See where the search strings linked in and using the visits features where they ended up, allowing you to work on optimising the promotion of your site.

A full and thorough help is provided. All features of the program are completely covered and clearly explained. More...

Whatever you want to know about how people are accessing your site LogAnalysis will tell you. The sophisticated filtering allows you to view records with pages, domains and error codes included or excluded, exclude images and specify a date range. The simple view management feature lets you design views to suit your purposes. For example, maybe you want to know how many accesses to a certain page have been made by each referrer domain that has accessed your site. Easy, just create a summary view that has columns for page, domain and count. Actually this view is provided by default called "Domains by Page", but you can easily create more to suit your own purposes. 

 Select one or more summary record to view all the records that made up that summary. So having determined that domain X referred people to page Y 35 times double click that entry and you will see details of all 35 accesses showing when they occurred along with any other details you choose to have in that Record view.

Bar charts of these summary views can be quickly and easily generated either viewing a particular item's access history over a period of time or comparing accesses to a number of items.

Feedback from some LogAnalysis users:

"You have made an excellent analysis tool. The page summary your program generates is a lot more useful than anything from ...  I have been struggling for many months with high bandwidth and a quick look at the page summary generated by your program immediately showed me where my problem was." The Prof

Yes, of course I could make these up but I promise they are genuine!

Future plans...

LogAnalysis is still continuing to be developed and features planned for the future include:

  • Daily and hourly summaries
  • Analysis of other types of log file - if you have one you'd like LogAnalysis to process please contact LogAnalysis support.

I welcome feedback with suggestions of what you want...

Free download - try LogAnalysis out with no obligation here... 
All this for just $15 (15 US dollars)
Once registered you will get free upgrades and notification of new releases.

You can get support at the Support Forums or by contacting support here... 

 View a list of known bugs and workarounds here...

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