Bar Charts

When in any of the summary views bar charts can be generated using View - Barcharts (or the barchart button). There are two fundamental types of bar chart; Item bar charts and Date bar charts. Each type can show either a hit count or a bytes count. Bar charts can be printed and will always be in landscape mode and sized to fill the page.

Item Bar Charts
In Item bar charts each bar will represent one item from the summary page. For example if the summary page is displaying files and referrer domains then each bar will represent the number of hits or bytes on that page from that referrer domain. There are two ways of specifying which items to chart; either selecting the items you are interested in on the summary page or, in the bar chart dialog, selecting the top items displayed in the summary page (you specify how many). Note that if any of the item descriptions are very long they may have to be truncated to fit reasonably on the window.

Date Bar Charts
In Date bar charts each bar will represent one date, showing the number of hits or bytes for the selected item. Up to four items can be selected and each date will have up to four overlapping bars in different colours. A legend at the top of the window indicates which colour represents which item.

Exiting the Bar Chart View
The bar chart view can be exited (returning you to the summary page) by either selecting View - Barchart again, hitting the Escape key or clicking the barchart button.