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An important feature to understand about LogAnalysis is that in order to be able to interactively analyse log file data efficiently it must change the simple text format of your log files to a more efficient form that has some analysis pre-done. This data is stored as a .laf file which will be around half the size of the original log file which is no longer needed.

This menu has the usual new, open, save and save as options. Note it will often be better to use the Read Log option overwriting the current log followed by Save As to create a new log file as this will retain all your filter and view settings. The save options will save a .laf file (Log Analysis File) which should be less than half the size of the original text log file from the apache server and will be read in a fraction of the time required to read the original.

The Print options are currently only available for bar charts.

Use the Register option to register your copy of LogAnalysis.