Brings up the program options. 

On clicking OK after modifying the page or image file extensions you will asked if you wish to do a database refresh. this is highly recommended as the flags indicating whether the record is a page or image are stored and will not otherwise be updated as a result of your changes.

Domain Name Resolution Notes
LogAnalysis can attempt a partial or full domain name resolution. However this feature should be used with great care.

Partial Resolution
In partial resolution the first part of the domain name is removed so for example "www.domain.com", "doit.domain.com" and "domain.com" will all resolve to just "domain.com" this can be useful if you have sites that have multiple sub-domains and you wish to bring them all together for summary information.

Full resolution
In Full resolution the primary domain is ignored as well as the sub-domain. So for example "www.domain.com", "doit.domain.net" and "domain.org" would all resolve to just "domain". this is clearly much more dangerous and should be used with considerable caution as "domain.com" and "domain.net" are likely to be totally different organisations. However it can be useful for occasionally grouping together organisations that use multiple primary domains, such as Google. they have google.com, google.co.uk, google.ca, google.de and so on so if you want to see how many accesses you are getting from all Google sites brought together then full resolution can be used to do it.