LogAnalysis is designed to provide simple and yet powerful interactive analysis of the access log files generated by your apache web server. It is cheap and cheerful (just take a look at the price of other analysers on market) and currently does not provide any graphics. However it's simple filtering mechanism lets you rapidly drill down into the details of how your web site is being used or abused. The ability to sort on any field you want and set a sort priority (eg, file then referrer) lets you quickly and easily find who is accessing what.

An important feature to understand about LogAnalysis is that in order to be able to interactively analyse log file data efficiently it must change the simple text format of your log files to a more efficient form that has some analysis pre-done. This data is stored as a .laf file which will be around half the size of the original log file which is no longer needed.

To run through a tutorial that will introduce you to all the major features of LogAnalysis go to the Getting Started section.

LogAnalysis is under constant development and if you want a new feature simply contact support1@focussoftware.co.uk and your suggestions will get full consideration.