Record Views

These views display all records passing the current filter settings. This can be a very large number of records if those filter settings are very loose or you have no filtering (typically several hundred thousand). If there are a very large number of records to be displayed the Full View display may take a long time to be drawn (up to several minutes in the worst case). For this reason if your current filter settings are passing more than 5000 records for display a warning is given with the option to switch to a summary view which will be very much quicker even with very large numbers of records. This then gives you a chance to set tighter filter settings before re-trying the Full View.

Double clicking a view in Record views will display a dialog with all the fields of that record. See View Details.

There is one default Record view which displays the date, file, referrer, code and bytes of each record. These fields can be changed and/or new views added. See Manage Views.