Visits Views

These views display summaries of the first entry record of all records passing the current filter settings. That is the records of the first hits of each single visit.

There is one default Visits view  - Entry Pages - which displays the number of entry hits on each page. These fields can be changed and/or new views added (see Manage Views).

It is important to understand the difference between this and a summary view that just has an Entry Page column. This would display a count of all accesses to pages with the same the original entry page so it it not just a count of hits on each entry page but also of all the subsequent page hits on that visit. Whereas the visits view effectively filters away everything other than the entry page. So for example if you want to see a count of how many times a page has been accessed as an entry point to your site (or indeed as an exit point) then this is the correct type of summary view to use.