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Cordillera Blanca Maps

The best maps are the two Alpenvereinskarte maps ( These are 1:100,000:
Cordillera Blanca Sud. We could only get the old edition which is very out of date, in particular for the glaciers which are retreating at an alarming rate. I believe there is a new edition due or already available.
Cordillera Blanca Nord. Get the new edition which is currently available.

As the Cordillera Blanca Sud map was so out of date we also got the two IGM maps that cover more or less the same area: 19-i Huari and 20-i Recuay. However the problem with these maps is that although they are, I believe, topographically accurate they use different names for the mountains. These names are both different to the Alpenverein maps and different to the names used by the locals.

Another surprisingly good map is the "tourist" map by Filipe Diaz. This is a colour sketch map of the whole range including the Cordillera Huayhuash and shows all the major peaks with their heights and a good indication of the glacier coverage. It is available in many shops (and at many prices) throughout Huaraz and includes street maps of Huaraz, Yungay, Carhuaz and Caraz. It is ideal as a general overview and planning map and is perfect for showing taxi drivers, porters, arrieros etc. where you want to get to.

Another surprisingly useful source of maps was a small tourist booklet provided by the local tourist office in Huaraz which includes non-colour sketch maps of Peru, Ancash (the region that includes the C. Blanca) and of the mountains themselves. It also has a useful silhouette sketch identifying the mountains visible from Huaraz.

Scans of the Filpe Diaz map - click the image (it's actually 5 separate images) to see full size, however even full size there is really too much detail to be very useful!

Scans of some of the sketch maps from the tourist booklet - again click the image for a full size version.