Batch files can be created very simply by clicking the Batch button, allowing profiles to be selected and added to a list to be run all together in a batch. The Move Up and Move Down keys can be used to move a selected profile up or down in the order of execution. Batch files can be saved and opened in exactly the same way as a profile except that the extension .swb is used (see Opening and Saving Files). Batches are run by clicking the Run Batch button.

Notes on Batches

The profiles in a batch must have the auto-start option enabled (see options). Batch files are generally best run in association with the Silent Mode and Log Files. (see options). It is probably sensible to set up all the profiles in a batch to log to the same log file with the first one set to overwrite and the others set to append. It is not a requirement to use these modes but if Silent Mode is not set then SyncWeb will pause between each profile in the batch to report its results, and if Silent Mode is set then you will have no record of what was done unless you have Log Files selected.


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