Use the Configuration button to set SyncWeb configuration options. Details about SyncWeb can also be viewed from here along with Registration information.

Options available are:

Date Format - Select your preferred date format for displaying the date when browsing file details.

Show Tooltips - Select whether you wish to see tooltips when the mouse is hovered over any buttons.

Command Timeout - Set the number of secs any one command is allowed to complete. If this time is exceeded SyncWeb will fail that command. Note: if you are synchronising very large files or your network connection is very slow this may need to be quite large. In future releases it is planned to copy all files (in particular large ones) using a series of smaller commands allowing this timeout to remain lower (and also allowing better progress metering).

Connection Timeout - Selects whether you wish SyncWeb to break its connection with an FTP server after an idle period. For the duration of this period, or continuously if it is not selected. SyncWeb will attempt to maintain a connection with the FTP server. However please note that some FTP servers will disconnect after a period of time in which no significant traffic has occurred, that is traffic that is actually doing something. This makes it virtually impossible for SyncWeb to maintain such a connection during idle periods. Very important on disconnecting SyncWeb will not hang up a phone line. If required you will need to do that manually.

Connections File - By default the details about all your FTP connections will be stored in a text file in the same location as the SyncWeb program executable. This can be modified to a location of your won choice. Use the browse button to select a new location. If you already have data in the file you will be given the option to move this data to the new location when you click OK to the configuration dialog.


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