Opening and Saving files

Four buttons are provided for opening, closing and saving profile and batch files.

This button allows you to open a profile or batch file. You will need to use the drop down field at the bottom to specify which kind of file you wish to open.

This button should rarely be needed. It's only real purpose is if you wish to make temporary changes to the settings of a profile (or batch) and don't want to accidentally save them to that file later. Also as SyncWeb will by default always reopen the last open file when it is next run this can be used to make SyncWeb run with no file open on its next run.

Use this button to save the current profile or batch. It will only be available if changes have been made. Should you forget to save changes you will be prompted to save if you exit the program or go to open a different file.

Save As
Use this button to save the current settings as a different file to the currently open one.


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