There is currently no scheduling feature built into SyncWeb however it can be achieved using the Windows Scheduler. The instruction below are for using Windows 2000 but other Windows operating systems are not dissimilar in how they work.

1. Set up a profile for the synchronisation you wish to run.
2. Select "Silent Mode" this ensures that it will not sit awaiting input from you whilst it is running.
3. In "More options" (click the More Options button) select Auto-start
4. It is probably wise to set up a log file as well so you can later see the results of the run
5. Save this profile

Now set up a scheduled task on your operating system to run this profile:
1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Scheduled tasks
3. Double click "Add Scheduled Task" this runs the schedule task wizard
4. Select SyncWeb as the program to run and enter appropriate times etc for all other parts of the wizard
5. After finishing the wizard you must modify one part - right click the new scheduled task and select properties
6. The run field of the "Task" tab currently contains SyncWeb.exe (with its full path). Add the full path of the profile you wish to run after
"...\SyncWeb.exe" (you will need to place quotes around it if any part of the path has spaces in it). The run field should now contain something like:
C:\PROGRA~1\FOCUSS~1\SyncWeb\SysWeb.exe "D:\Data\SyncWeb\batch\web.swp"
7. Click OK and SyncWeb should now run at your selected time with that profile being auto-started.


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