Daylight Savings

Daylights savings can cause some problems for synchronisation because different MS operating systems handle the daylight savings time differently. As a result, if synchronising between different operating systems or even just backing up to an external drive just after daylight savings comes in or out you may find that SysSync wants to overwrite every file in the system. For example XP actually adjusts the reported times of all files on the system by one hour when daylight savings comes in; if you look at some recently modified files on your system just after daylight savings you will see that their modification time is now one hour different to the actual time they were modified. This is, I feel wrong, and is a real pain.

There are two strategies for dealing with this. One is to simply leave leave it to do a complete overwrite (go to lunch or something). This will do no harm but could take some time. The alternative is to put in a time adjustment of one hour when daylight savings comes in. Click the More button to access the appropriate options. Then when daylight savings ends simply put the adjustment back to 0.


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