Profiles are files that can be created by SysSync (extension .ssp) that contain all the current settings and exclusions. Having configured your synchronisation the way you want it (including exclusions which can only be saved within profiles) click Save or Save As to save this profile (see Opening and Saving files).

If a profile is currently open when SysSync is exited that same profile will automatically be opened when it is next run (unless run by double clicking a different profile). However it will not auto start. If you do not want SysSync to open a profile when it is next run then use the Close button to close that profile before exiting the program.

Auto Start

The Auto Start option only has meaning for profiles

The Auto Start option allows fast and easy running of frequently used synchronisations. SysSync can be run by opening (double clicking) a profile (.ssp) file directly from the desktop/explorer, in which case it will run with that profile loaded. If the Auto Start option has been selected then SysSync will immediately start a synchronisation run in the specified direction. It could be convenient to save profiles for frequently run synchronisations in your desktop then simply double clicking the profile will run the synchronisation.

Should there be a problem with SysSync failing to run on double clicking the .ssp file then it may be that you do not have the file association set up properly (this should have happened automatically when SysSync was installed). To fix this you must create a file association by going to folder options in Explorer and simply associating SysSync.exe with .ssp.


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