Troubleshooting SysSync

Solutions to some common problems

Very large files are not being synchronised


Very large files are not being synchronised

If you are finding that very large files are not being synchronised and are generating a timeout message in the problem report then you will probably need to increase the command timeout in the SysSync configuration. This is normally defaulted to 300 seconds which may not be enough if either your network is very slow or you have very large files. For example if you use Microsoft Outlook, its database file can get to be very large indeed sometimes several gigabytes which is likely to take significantly more than 5 minutes. The reason for the timeout to be there is so that if the network should go down during a synchronisation SysSync will not just sit there indefinitely waiting for a copy command to complete.

To change this setting simply click the Configuration button and change the timeout value to a larger value.


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